G  A  L  L  E  R  Y      O  F      S  E  L  E  C  T  E  D      W  O  R  K

The Art of the Pen and Inkpot: "My art is a solidifying melody glorifying my Architect, G_d - an 'Ode' of an Islamic calligraphy art, like a lyrical recital symphony score of a heart becoming a soul content (Mutmaina) for its journey home -- like a blade of grass reaching for The Light. The challenge! "

Mirza's art is a tool to help charitable work as a helping hand through 'endowment givings' through the art, and a tool to remember the spiritual inner and outer journey home to the Divine Architect, G_d. This art is a journey through the harmony and beauty of an Islamic art as a recital, like an 'Ode', of a sound heart. It is called Pen and Inkpot: a spiritual art. It attempts to read, recite, hear and score the divine Designer of the universe. Hence, this is an 'Ode' through art of an Islamic calligraphy of the Artisan God (Allah swt), or as Mirza also calls, of 'my Architect-G_d' of the worlds. It is an art that scores the sound and meaning of a sustainable balance that within the natural world which she unravels like a melodic recital through art. Essentially, her story reflects a spiritual art, green and sustainable Architecture as an architect, a writing and a philanthropy, which are all complements of each other; and which celebrate, as she writes and states, the stitching of a sustainable human (Insan).

Through the pens in art, as watercolor, ink, and mixed media as well as the sublime in nature's signs and natural phenomenon, the sound and meaning of the Divine attributes becomes a vessel and a nourishment or a reminder for the balance of our hearts, our selves, our communities, and hence the striving for a balanced world. 

**A percentage of proceeds go to the charity, The Pen and Inkpot Foundation (501c3), or Pi Foundation, unless otherwise noted for a specific exhibit, a specific charity, or a silent or non silent auction.

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Title: Ode to my Architect, G_d: Verse and Sound of an Islamic Art: (Released Date: September 27, 2011)

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